Newport Beach

Limousine – so prestigious that it appears even in video games
Twenty or thirty years ago a personal computer (PC) was, by many, considered to be a luxury. But today the situation has changed immensely and (almost) every household owns some type of an electronic entertainment device. Chances are that you or your children have, at some point, used your computer for playing video games. In all likelihood one of the computer games that you have played is from the Grand Theft Auto franchise, more precisely GTA III. If you find yourself in these words, the term Newport Beach is probably one you already know about.
While playing the game you have the possibility of driving different types of vehicles as you do in real life (at some point, at least). Many of the cars depicted in the game are limousines and, as much as we’d like to, we don’t often get an opportunity to be driven in one. That’s why we are coming to your rescue. With us you won’t to have to play the game anymore, because we’ll be there to provide you with that pleasure in real life (or, on the other hand, if you haven’t played the game, everything aforementioned will just sound like you’ve wasted a minute and a half of your life for nothing).
Newport Beach: a view from a different angle
In the summer time, when temperatures are soaring sky-high, one solution for the heat can be going to the beach. And while at the beach why not have a party? If you like this idea you will absolutely love the next one: make a huge entrance to your party and be noticed by all your guests. You will get that effect with one of our many limousines. Make heads turn while you exit a limousine with style.
But that’s not all…
You don’t like limousines? No problem. You can choose any of our other luxurious vehicles, like
  • Limo buses
  • Mini buses
  • Limo vans
  • Party buses
  • Passenger buses
Regardless of the occasion and the vehicle type you select, if you team up with us heads Newport Beach will be your oyster.

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