Redondo Beach

The beach lifestyle

Living in Redondo beach in southern California

When living in the southern Californa, one of the many conveniences you’ll have is access to the beach. Nice weather, healthy climate, and loads of fun are reason enough to unwind and recharge your batteries by taking a dip in the ocean. If, in addition, surfing and beach volleyball are sports and activities you enjoy, then Redondo Beach is one of the few beach cities that can provide you with everything you need to feel great. Regardless of whether you want to surf, swim, sunbathe, play beach volleyball or simply take a relaxing walk, ride a bicycle, rollerblade or skateboard, Redondo Beach is the perfect place to do all of that. However, if you wish to experience Redondo Beach, Los Angeles or Hollywood in an unusual way, here’s an unorthodox idea-rent a limo, and truly feels the vibe of the lifestyle without having to suffer the soaring heat of the sun. Our air-conditioned limousines are fully equipped with various types of beverages, so you won’t have to make any interruptions or stops while enjoying yourself in the luxury and cool temperature of your own, personal limo.

Clubbing with style

If you are an outgoing person who likes to enjoy a good night out and dance, then you’ve probably already visited some of the many dance clubs in Redondo Beach. If simply going out is becoming to ordinary for you and you want to spice it up with something new, something you’ve never done before, then you should try to going out in style – show up at the dance club in a luxurious, elegant limousine.

Special offers

Although we have many special offers for you to choose from, we would like to single out one in particular. If you rent our Escalade, Hummer or Party bus (available for 16-22 passengers, from Sunday till Thursday), you can decide between:

  • A 4 hour special, costing at $475
  • A 5 hour special, costing at $585
  • A 6 hour special, costing at $695

As you can see, we are totally prepared to tailor every offer to your price range, because we feel that a limousine is a must-have experience at least once in a lifetime.


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